July 14, 2015

ARC Review --> Quirks & Kinks by Laurel Ulen Curtis


“It’s a new show, Quirks and Kinks. We’ve already selected a male reenactment actor to be your co-host, so you're the last piece of the puzzle. There’s some seriously f@$%ed up sh*t out there that people are into, and the two of you are going to be the face of it.”

“I’m going to be the face of people’s freakish fetishes?” I asked disbelievingly.

Larry shrugged his nonchalance, shoving it directly down the throat of my panic. “Half of it.”

That conversation was the beginning of more than a show.
It was the beginning of mystery, friendship, and love, and the outcome of mixing all three together with two unsuspecting victims.

Easie Reynolds and Anderson Evans were drawn to the same, simple thing—each other.

But, sometimes, undeniable chemistry isn’t enough. After all, how easy is it to get to know someone when they’re constantly pretending to be someone else?

*ARC provided by the author in exchange for honest review

I love this cover! It's beautiful.

Quirks & Kinks is a very interesting read along with the characters.

Easie is a Quirky character. I really enjoyed her character most of the time. She was hilarious at times, but sometimes she is just a little bit over the top. And sometimes how she dealt with things on the show and her reactions were annoying sometimes too. I really like her relationship with her sister. They are best friends and can tell each other everything, which I love.

I would have liked to see her parents in this book a little bit more, but it really didn’t take away from the story.

Anderson I liked too. He does a little bit of everything. I really liked his character for the most part. I did however at certain parts of the book that he would have just told Easie everything. He should have just came clean. I’m not saying anything else about that because of accidental spoilers.

Now with Tammy, I really didn’t see that coming, but it was a nice surprise. I liked how she incorporated that into this story.

I’m really excited to see what happens between Larry and Ashley.

Overall, I enjoyed this story. Laurel really does have a way with characters. I will give her this; she can write some hilarious dialogue. And usually her books are funny. I really like that. I like that these aren’t the heart wrenching, balling your eyes out books. Sometimes I just need some comedy and a good romance in my life and that is what she usually delivers. Even though Easie is a bit over the top sometimes, I still found myself smiling and laughing at this book.

·      Ashley (Love her relationship with her sister)
·      Tammy
·      I did like Easie’s sarcastic personality to a point.
·      I really liked the Letters. (Not saying nothing else about those)
·      Evan

·      Easie was at times over the top. And sometimes her reactions to things were just overdramatic.
·      I would have liked to see more of their family. (Not really a dislike, I just wished that they were in it more than they were.)
·      I would have liked to have seen Anderson and Easie together more than they were. At times it felt kind of rushed.

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