July 16, 2015

ARC Review --> Black Dawn (Titan, #6) by Cristin Harber

Title: Black Dawn
Series: Titan, #6
Author: Cristin Harber
Release Date: Available Now
Publisher: Mill Creek Press


Parker Black wants the one woman he shouldn’t have—his buddy’s girl. She's sweet and smart, but clueless about how deep Parker lives in Titan’s virtual world. Everything is controlled. Chaos is mastered. Black and white data and risk analysis. That is the way he understands his world, how he plays his role to keep Titan teams alive.

But he’s wrong.

About everything.

Lexi Dare lives two lives. She’s an unhappy fiancĂ©e stuck in a spiraling relationship, unsure how she ended up with a ring on her finger and an abuser in her bed. But she’s also elusive. Elite. A master hacker playing deadly stakes.

When the lines blur and the truth comes out, Lexi’s only shot at survival is the trust of her rival—her equal—before it’s too late.

 *ARC provided by the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for honest review* Thank You!


I have been waiting for Parker’s book for some time now, but I was hesitant to read it because after the second book in the series this series headed south for me. For one thing I hate sugar, I’ve hated her since book 2, and it started when she was being a B***** to Nicola. But Parker has always been a favorite of mine through the series.

I liked this book, but it wasn’t as good as to what I was hoping for. Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t horrible or anything like that but I wasn’t a big fan of the MC in this book. I didn’t totally hate her but some of the choices she made horrible choices. One thing that really made me mad was how she done thing with her ex/boyfriend. I just didn’t get it or her for that matter. I also didn’t like how she done Parker a few times either.
Parker I had no problem with. I liked that we got to see him in action instead of just behind a computer screen. I like how close he is with Mia (Winter’s Wife from the first book).

I really liked the story line of this book to. Knowing that Parker the IT guy for Titan, then you could/should know what this book would be based around: Cyber world/Hackers. It could have had a bit more action (I really like those types of books) but knowing that Parker is IT guy  I think we got to see him a bit in action so that was nice.

I do wished we would have seen the guys a bit more, but I think that this book was more to show that Parker is just as capable as the other guys to take out bad guys. And he is.

Overall, I did like this latest installment of the Titan team. I really liked Parker, he was a badass; not just behind a computer screen, but out in the field too. Lexi was ok. She made a few dumb choices, but toward the end of the book I started to warm up to her a bit. She still isn’t my favorite character but I do like her more than Sugar.

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