April 4, 2014

Review: Collateral by Roxie Rivera

Title: Collateral ( Debt Collection, #1)
Author: Roxie Rivera
Release Date: April 1, 2014 in Alphas After Dark Box set.
Available May 2014 as an individual release at full price

Named for her late father's most prized possession, Aston McNeil shares a deep connection with the classic car she inherited upon his recent death. When she learns her reckless stepbrother lost the car as collateral to Houston's most feared loan shark, she fights the urge to throttle him and vows to do whatever it takes to get the car back.

Mechanic and mob enforcer Ben Beciraj can't believe his eyes when Houston socialite Aston McNeil storms into his chop shop and demands the return of the car he's just repossessed. He counters with a deal he never expects the fiery blonde heiress to accept—one week at his beck and call for the keys to her late father's favorite toy.

But Ben's plans to have a little fun with a girl way out of his league are shot to hell after one taste of sweet, beguiling Aston. When her stepbrother's shady dealings are revealed, Ben will do anything to protect her from the seedy underworld he inhabits—even if it means crossing the only family he's ever known.


I was gifted a copy of Collateral by Roxie Rivera. That's the only Book I've read in this Box Set.

Review only for Collateral by Roxie Rivera *4 stars*

Collateral is a Novella, only about 94 pages. Same length as Ivan

I really liked Collateral.It was a quick read, setting up a spin-off series from Her Russian Protectors. I really suggest you read those first. 
I liked the Characters,Ben, Ashton, and Marley. I like a good strong Heroine. Ashton was. She went and done her thing at the shop and was trying to get her fathers car back. She didn't take no crap from them. Ben, was pretty awesome. I Felt sorry for him, because of the the life he had. He didn't have it like Ashton,Rich with a good like. I really liked Ben. 

I really Suggest you read Her Russian protectors and Fighting Connollys Series.

Can't wait for the second book.

*4 Stars*

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