April 5, 2016

Wattpad Wednesday #3

 Wattpad Wednesday is a weekly Meme hosted by Megpie93's Book Blog. Each Week I will be hosting one book on my blog that I've read on Wattpad that I have liked/loved. And all the books I will be talking about are FREE. But you do need to make you an account.

Week 3 is ...
           Fighing To Go On by XxBlondie99xX              
 She has a few other books on wattpad too. I've read those as well and loved them.

Title: Fighting To Go On
Author: XxBlondie99xX
Genres: Werewolf, Romance
Read: Wattpad
*Note: This does have some adult situations (like 2 or 3 scenes)* 


Samantha's life changed two years ago when her mother died. She now cares for her younger brother and puts up with an abusive guardian. The fun, happy girl turned into the shy, terrified girl. When they move and her and her brother start at a new school, she doesn't plan on making herself known. But when she catches the attention of the resident bad boy, her plans change. What does he see in her? What is he hiding? And most importantly, why is a mysterious wolf suddenly appearing?

Review/why I picked this book…

4.5 stars
I actually just read this book this week and loved it. I really liked how the author didn’t use the werewolf concept like a lot of people do. She decided to add her own spin on things, so it is different from other werewolf books out.
I also liked how cute it was. Yes, I said cute. And yes I know it’s a werewolf book, but it was so freaking cute. I loved how Sam and Ryan was just all lovey-dovey with each other. Because they were…big time.
It book doesn’t have a lot of suspense like most shifter books do. This book mainly focus on the romance aspect of the book, which I really enjoyed.
It’s very cute and sweet. I loved this book. It’s one of my favorites on wattpad now. This really doesn’t have a lot of paranormal elements to it. Just a few. So if you’re not sure about a shifter book, then this would be a great one to start with.

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