March 16, 2016

Wattpad Wednesday #1

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 Wattpad Wednesday is a weekly Meme hosted by Megpie93's book Blog. Each Week I will be hosting one book on my blog that I've read on Wattpad that I have liked. And all the books I will be talking about are FREE. But you do need to make you an account.

 And week 1 is....

A Prescriptive Relationship (Book1) & A Surreptitious Relationship (Book 2) by XxSkater2Girl16xX AKA Jordan Lynde

This book is actually published on Amazon. And you can order your copy
Jordan also has some other novels published. You can check those out here 

This is the Wattpad cover for A Prescriptive Relationship.

Holly's new, young teacher has a dark past, and a dangerous future. She soon finds herself charmed by his ways, and gets thrown into the chaos. Who knew having an ex-gangster for a teacher could be so troublesome? As Holly and Mr. Heywood grow closer, more questions about his past come upon Holly, as does danger. What is Mr. Heywood keeping from Holly? And why is it so bad? But most importantly, if she falls for him, could their relationship survive? After all... it would be a proscriptive relationship.

Read A ProscriptiveRelationship on 
Wattpad Here
Book 2

Chris and Holly's relationship is finally
perfect. With no gangs to harass them, the only thing they have to worry about it keeping their relationship a secret from the student body and faculity at school. Simple enough. However with the appearance of two new students, new troubles arise. The new girl isn't who she seems, but no one will believe Holly, and the new boy seems to enjoy causing Holly problems. Meanwhile Chris is finding it harder and harder to stay away from Holly in school. Keeping their relationship a secret suddenly becomes ten times harder. And to top it all off, Jeremy has a big surprise for every one.

Read A Surreptitious Relationship on Wattpad Here

Review/reasons why I picked this book...
I read this series years ago, but to this day, this 
series is still on my mind. And that's why it's the
first books i will be mentioning 
I like forbidden romance. And you can't get much 
forbidden than student/teacher.
 But another thing I like is suspense and this books 
has both of those element which is initially what drew
 me to this book. I really loved Holly and Chris. 
I really liked that Holly was sweet and innocent and
 she gets embarrassed easy. Like she was so freaking 
Innocent. She blushed about pretty much everything
 Chris or Jeremy Said.And I know some people find that 
in annoying and usually I would too,but for me it worked
 in this book.And Chris is totally the opposite of Holly. 
He's funny and sarcastic. I love that about his 
character,but he can also be series too.
 I really liked the plot. Let's just say that Chris 
wasn't always such a nice guy. Chris was in a Gang,
which i happened to like. I really liked how protective 
Chris is with the people he cares about.
4.5 stars. There's a reason why its not 5. I can't say 
why that is though.It would be a huge spoiler. Well i 
could give a little hint (Lookalike). 

Overall, I really loved both books. Chris and Holly
were Hilarious together and i really enjoyed there 
relationship. I also loved Holly and Chris's friends. 
Jeremy was probably the funniest out of them all.

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