February 23, 2014

Review: Until November by Aurora Rose Reynolds

Title: Until November (Until, #1)
Author: Aurora Rose Reynolds
Release Date: Out Now
Goodreads Description:

November is looking forward to getting to know her father and the safety of a small town. After leaving the Big Apple and her bad memories for Tennessee, November starts working for her dad at his strip club doing the books. The one time she’s allowed there during club hours she runs into Asher Mayson. He’s perfect until he opens his mouth and makes assumptions. November wants nothing to do with Asher but too bad for November, fate has other plans. 

Asher Mayson has never had a problem getting a woman, that is until November. Now all he can think about is making November his and keeping her safe. 

Warning 18+ sexual content and a strong Alpha Male.


This was an awesome book. November was a pretty kickass Character. She was her own boss and didn't let Asher boss her around ( too much). November has had a tough life living with her Botox slut of a mother. Her mother was always there to push her down. Now that November was attacked in New York, she's moving to Tennessee to live with her dad. Her dad owns a strip club, and he wants November there to do the books behind the scenes. While there to show her around , she meets Asher Mayson. 

Asher Mayson is defiantly one of those alpha Males that wants you to do what he says. But not so luckily he sees November with her dad and thanks the worst. The first time he ever saw November he knew she was the "One". But Novembers not so sure what his intentions are.

After someone breaks into her apartment at her dads, Asher makes her stay at his house with her dog, beast, whom saved her life during her attack in New York. From there, November realizes that she does really like Asher, but she doesn't want to be just another one night stand, because she doesn't do that, it's just not her. She tells him this and he agrees with her...

I really like all of the characters in the book. Both family's Novembers and Asher's we're amazing. I'm glad that November finally had a family that actually liked her, and deserved her.

*5 Asher Mayson Baby Stars*

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