August 12, 2013

Something's Cooking by Meg Lacey Review

*ARC Copy*

This is the THIRD FREAKING time I've tried to write this review. My Computer keeps erasing it on me.

I'm not going to write about the character's this time. I'm just going to write the review so I can post it.

Review time:

I obviously like the book considering I rated it four stars. There were some things I dint like about it,but I'll get to that later on.

We have a writer(Josh) that wants to get the scoop on his enemy(Tess),or so he thinks because she got her own show in such a short amount of time. He agrees to cover a story about her show, (because he knows somethings not right). Tess Is a very nice smart girl. She knows not to trust reporters and such.(Which she doesn't).

so through out the book Josh has to prove that Tess cant actually cook, or make things. After he has his information, he's going to write a Column about it and try to ruin her career.

So what I did like about the book was, whenever they were in the same room together things heated, and they had amazing Chemistry together. I also loved when they went to the Cabin. It was such a cute little part of the story.I also hopes she keeps the cabin. It didn't say what she decided to do.

So What I Din't like about the book was the Ending. I really wanted to know what happened after his big question.I also thought that they could have had more "Moments" together.

Defiantly recommend it to people that likes romance stories, or anyone who just wants to read a cute story.

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