August 10, 2013

The Best Man's Baby by Victoria James Review

*ARC Copy*

I'm Glad I Got an ARC Copy. This was a really good book.


Claire Holbrook: Claire is a Reverend Daughter. She owns her own business, which is a florist shop. She is a nice girl, but very shy.

Jake(Jacob)Manning: Jake is the guy that Claire has always had a crush on and is supposedly the screw up out of the three brothers. He is the middle child. Jake has had a rough childhood.

Quinn Manning: is Jake's older brother and is married to Claire's best friend, Holly.

Holly Manning: is Quinn's wife and Claire's best friend since high school.

Evan Manning: is the younger brother to Both Jake and Quinn. He's also a Doctor.

Reverend Holbrook: is Claire's Father and helps Jake out in his teen years.


So Basically we have Claire,who is a shy and nice goody to shoes. She is also Reverend Holbrooks daughter. Claire had a one night Stand with Jake and gets pregnant. Jake asks her to marry him and she tells him she wants to marry someone that will love her, and not just marry her because he got her pregnant. Jake has to prove that he actually wants to marry her and not just because he got her pregnant.

I really like the character's  from this book. Which in the first book "A Risk Worth Taking" we kinda get to meet them. But in this book which is Claire's and Jake's book, they take us on a journey about actually seeing what it take's to have a nice solid relationship. (Evan though they it's not there at first).

I would Defiantly recommend that you read the first book, but you don't half to. These are about each Brother. Well I actually recommend that you read all her book's.

So I really Can't wait to Read Evans story. So excited.

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