June 19, 2016

ARC Review--> Let it Breathe by Tawna Fenske

Title: Let it Breathe
Author: Tawna Fenske
Release Date: Available Now
Publisher: Montlake Romance
*ARC provided by the publisher (Netgalley)*


Forbidden fruit can be downright intoxicating.
Vineyard manager Reese Clark is determined to bring her family’s Oregon winery into the big leagues, and she knows building a new tasting room and event pavilion is her ticket there. Having her ex-husband’s best friend—and her secret college crush—turn up to head the construction project, however, doesn't pair well with her plans. Between her nauseating lovebird parents; her motorcycle-riding, pot-growing grandfather; and her pet alpaca, fond of head-butting groins, Reese has more than enough chaotic characters in her life.
Back in college, Clay Henderson was more likely to be sprawled over a bar than building one. But even if the new clean-living Clay has matured as deliciously as an oak-aged chardonnay, he’s still off-limits. As Reese’s well-laid plans for the winery crumble like bad cork, Clay the newly sober gentleman is sweet enough to rescue Reese from a wardrobe malfunction and still spicy enough to play “I Never” with her. Can he overcome his past rep to offer her a love too heady to ignore?


So I’ve been waiting to write this review. I know it took me months. So I have some good thoughts about this book and then I have one issue I would like to discuss. There was several things that I really enjoyed about this book.
·    First being I like the heroine. I really enjoyed her quirky character.
·    I liked the heroines choice in pets…her alpaca. Just know that any scenes with her alpaca are funny
·    Heroines grandpa. He was hilarious and such a great character to read about. As it is with the alpaca, any scenes with her grandfather are also hilarious.
·    Tawna Fenske is like the queen of humor.
·    I loved how close the heroine’s family is.

Now what I didn’t like about the book was something the hero did years ago.  

*Fair warning…this would be considered a spoiler but there’s no way around it.*

I didn’t like that the hero slept with the heroine’s cousin years ago. This wasn’t a deal breaker for me or anything it just something I would prefer not to have in a book. I laughed too much in this book not to like it.

I want to read Tawna’s next book that’s releasing in September. And it deals with the heroine getting with her ex-fianc├ęs brother. Well that will be awkward but I’m going to give it a shot.

Overall, I did enjoy Let it Breathe. I laughed way too much not too. I really enjoyed scenes with the alpaca and grandpa. Hilarious. I thought Tawna done a great job writing about something that was pretty serious and also having humor in a book. I will be reading another book by Tawna in the near future. Another thing I should mention is that the heroine was married and got divorced and now her ex-husband works with the heroine on the winery. At first I thought this was weird, but after I actually read the book I understood their relationship. They are more of best friends than anything. So it wasn’t too weird for me. And of course the guy she falls for is her ex-husbands best friend.


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